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January 8, 2022 - v.1.0.4

New characters added to the on-screen keyboard

New characters have been added to the on-screen Arabic-script keyboard for letters that are similar in shape.*

*This feature was developed on Prof. Edhem Eldem's recommendation.

A new tab added to Mentioned In

Entries tab has been added to the Mentioned In section. With this tab, you can easily view any other entries constituting a partial match with the returned result.

Ability to view original forms of Ottoman words

You can now see original Ottoman words and phrases by hovering your mouse over the Ottoman text. If you then click on this image, you are able to access the word located in the relevant column of the dictionary.

Ability to search the lexicon’s English definitions

While searches had hitherto been restricted to Ottoman phrases contained in the lexicon, you can now search through the lexicon’s English definitions. By typing an English word in the search bar and pressing Search, you will be provided all the entries containing this word in their definition. This greatly expedites your work as words are automatically brought to the visible part of the boxes together with their greater context.

Special characters in transliterations

We have made the transliterations of the words as close as possible to the original in terms of shape. The numbers are placed above the letters as in the original text.

October 28, 2021 - v.1.0.3

Search History

You can view all of your previous searches by clicking on the My Search History button in your profile.


You can hide the explanations that appear when you hover your mouse over buttons by unchecking the box that says Show tooltip next to it.

Similar Spellings

You can now access results containing letters that resemble each other in shape at the touch of a button.

Sounds Like

By clicking this tab, you have access to results that are phonetically similar to your search.

Search Bar

In addition to the on-screen virtual keyboard, you can now use your own external keyboard to write words directly into the search field.

Typing in Boxes

It is now possible to type letters in the boxes using a physical keyboard.

Share Link

You can copy the unique link to your search by clicking the 'Share Link' button under the boxes. Anyone who clicks on this link will see the characters in the way you have configured.

March 8, 2020 | LexiQamus - v.1.0.2

The entire content of the dictionary titled "A Turkish and English Lexicon", published by Sir James Redhouse in 1890, has been digitized and made available to visitors.

June 7, 2016 | LexiQamus - v.1.0.1

LexiQamus went live.