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What do the boxes represent?

Each box represents one character. You must enter the legible letters into the boxes.

You may leave a box empty to signify a space between words.





What should I do if I cannot read a letter?

If you cannot read a letter, you must enter * into the appropriate box. This symbol refers to unknown letters only; it must not be used to designate a space between words.

If your search does not return any results, try replacing the letters that you thought you could read with *.  You may get an unexpected result. 





What if there are multiple illegible letters and I can’t say with certainty how many there are?

The symbol ∞ indicates that there is an indefinite number of illegible letters.

If your search yields no results, try adding this character to any section of the word about which you are uncertain. For instance, what you thought was ف or غ might be ض. Or, you might miss a م between letters.





How can I add a space between words?

To add a space between words, simply leave a box empty, i.e. do not enter a character. This way, LexiQamus can search for not only words but also phrases.





It’s possible that the shape I see corresponds to more than one letter. Which character should I enter in this case?

This is a common problem that crops up while reading manuscripts. For example, researchers often confuse the following letters: و ,د, ر. If you encounter such a problem, you can enter more than one letter into a box by pressing the + button that appears when hovering your cursor over that particular box. You can also find this button on the top row of the virtual keyboard.





How can I remove a box?

To remove a box, you can press the x button that appears next to the + button when hovering your cursor over that particular box. You can also find this button on the top left corner of the virtual keyboard.





How can I add a new box?

You can press the + signs in the bars between boxes to add empty boxes.





How can I delete a letter in a box?

You can delete letters by pressing the → button that is on the top row of the virtual keyboard.













How do I navigate between boxes?

You can move the cursor to a box and click on it. Alternatively, you can use the < and > buttons, found on the top row of the virtual keyboard, to move between the boxes from right to left and vice versa.













What are teeth?

Sometimes you can detect that a word has teeth, yet are unsure of their number. In such a situation, you can enter the teeth in boxes according to the below system.














How do I search?

After making sure that you have entered all the legible letters and the correct symbols for the illegible letters, press the search button. In less than a second, you will be given a list of all the possible words and phrases.